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 Destro's WTS/WTB Thread

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PostSubject: Destro's WTS/WTB Thread   Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:18 pm

Wtb list:

Orc Teah - Bought
LvL 92 Elite Wand with good stats
LvL 78 Elite 1h Sword with good stats - Bought
LvL 71 Elite Bow with good stats
- Bought
Armor of Cross/Bladin/Alph - Bought
Armor of of Cross/Bladin/Alph/Aaron/Excen
Armpads of Balakas/Riley/Noviel
Armpads of Balakas/Riley/Noviel/Mars/Robindole

Wts lists:
Barom Ring - Sold
Biglos Necklace - Sold
Shuta Ring - Sold
Ohkeros Ring
Armor of Taliran - Sold
Armor of Bibulan
Armpads of Garnier
Kilt of Belik
Leggins of Shakran
Boots of Nuendo
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Destro's WTS/WTB Thread
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