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 Gold Ticket

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PostSubject: Gold Ticket   Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:56 pm


We would like to inform you how to use the Gold Ticket.
You can obtain a Gold Ticket on a random basis if you open a Premium BOX-Human, Orc, or Moonelf.

1 GOLD ticket = One service (1 reinforcement or 1 socket or 1 refinement)

[Gold Ticket Service Reference Code ]

(A) Reinforcement (Upgrade one reinforcement level for the request item)

- You are only allowed to upgrade your item to the highest level proportional to item grade
- Possible Item: Weapon / Chestpiece / Pants

(B) Additional Links of Contract (Add one more Links of Contract to the request item)

- There is a limitation on the number of Links of Contract that each type of item can have.

Weapon: Maximum 8 socket
Shield: Maximum 4 socket
Helmet: Maximum 3 socket
Chestpiece: Maximum 6 socket
Leggings: Maximum 4 socket
Gloves: Maximum 3 socket
Boots: Maximum 3 socket
Necklace: Maximum 3 socket
Ring: Maximum 3 socket

[ Application Process]

- Please leave a post on the Request for Exchange thread with the following information.
- The request character must obtain the gold ticket at all time.
- The requested item must be at the first slot of the Inventory Bag 1 to get a service.
* Gold Ticket service operation time: Wednesday 22:00 ~ Thursday 01:00 (GST)
* If the requested item is not in the First inventory during that time, the upgrade may not be applied.

[ Application Form ]

Server Name:
Character Name:
Item Name: (Request item)
Preferable Item Code: (A: Reinforcement / B: Additional Links of Contract / C: Refinement)
Retaining Ticket: (Gold Ticket)
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Gold Ticket
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